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Cornell Graphics and Vision Group

Author: Fujun Luan

Cornell University Seal

IRON: Inverse Rendering by Optimizing Neural SDFs and Materials from Photometric Images

CVPR 2022

PhySG: Inverse Rendering with Spherical Gaussians for Physics-based Material Editing and Relighting

CVPR 2021

Langevin Monte Carlo Rendering with Gradient-based Adaptation


Towards Learning-based Inverse Subsurface Scattering

ICCP 2020

Fitting Procedural Yarn Models for Realistic Cloth Rendering


Deep Photo Style Transfer

CVPR 2017

Fiber-Level On-the-Fly Procedural Textiles

EGSR 2017

Deep Painterly Harmonization

EGSR 2018

Inverse Transport Networks

ArXiv 2018